Feature - Workbench Reports


Integrate your biosketch into the application and directly connect study data to the manuscript generation process!


  • Organize biosketch and related information
    • Types (manuscripts, abstracts, posters, etc)
    • Assign and track tasks
    • Datasets
    • Files
    • Control access
  • Link study data to manuscripts
    • Intgrated wordprocessor
    • Connect tables and charts to study data
    • Update on demand!
Across Participant Reporting

Multi-Study Reporting

  • Incorporate tables from one or more studies
  • Single click update across studies
Secure Delivery of Materials

Reports can be thought of as secure webpages, and

can be used for to deliver to user any materials. Most

commonly used to organize and deliver training materials.

 Key Features

  • Centralize and organize all output (e.g., manuscripts, reports, administrative summaries, etc.) and associate files / reports
  • Grant user access as appropriate (e.g., who has access to reports, etc.)
  • Task Management
    • Assign and track tasks using a centralized calendar
  • Build and organize data sets, within or across studies
    • Create Charts
    • Create Tables  
  • File Management
    • Upload and organize all related files (e.g., image submitted with manuscript)
  • Build Dynamic Reports, updated on demand
    • Integrated word processor, include:
      • Static text, any type of formatting or layout
      • Reference any Workspace component, automatically updated as needed
        • Tables
        • Charts
        • Files
      • Anything that can be done on the web
        • Videos
        • Audio
        • Pictures
  • Centralize study documents and training materials
    • Training video
    • Links to study documents
    • Leverage existing user accounts for access control


  • Recruitment summary report showing enrollment across every study in the Department
  • Report showing demographics and main study outcomes over time
  • Report containing links to all study-related documents and a training video for data entry

What to Consider

  • What tables and charts do I want see on a regular basis?
    • Within and across studies
  • Are there summary reports I need to submit?  (e.g., IRB, sponsor reports, etc.)
  • How can I centralize all training materials for new sites coming on line?
  • What reports would help improve the workflow?